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Polyfen — Cards micro-animation

February 06, 2019

UI Cards featuring the typical workflow of our brand identity design services with a micro-animation on swipe which includes a change in opacity, scale, drop-shadow, and a subtle backlash that produces a more tangible user experience. C...

Polyfen — Mobile web

February 06, 2019

Our homepage's UI optimized for mobile devices. Check out the case study on the development of our brand › polyfen.com/case-study Typefaces: Intelo Alt & Freight Text Pro Follow Polyfen: › Instagram › Behance › Pinterest › Twitter...

Polyfen — Web cover

February 06, 2019

Our website's home page is straight-forward in communicating clearly who we are and what we do, set on an animated background that brings some creative flair to the equation. Check out the case study on the development of our brand › po...

Polyfen — Proposal cover

February 05, 2019

The cover page of the proposal document we send to prospective clients aims to provide a clear and organized overview of the main contents of the document and lessens the density of the text with the creative flair of a clean and modern ...

Polyfen — Letterhead grid

February 05, 2019

The letterhead grid for all our brand's editorial applications, including invoices, proposal, and other documents. The layout is clean and minimalist, focusing on prioritizing the content's readability. Check out the case study on the d...

Polyfen — Business cards

February 05, 2019

Our brand's visual identity elements (Logo system, Typeface selection, Colour scheme, and Visual Language) paired all together in our business cards design with a clean, minimalist, straight-forward layout. Check out the case study on t...

Polyfen — Embossed logo

February 04, 2019

Our brand's ideogram logo embossed on indigo card stock paper intended for use in thank you letters sent as a token of appreciation to our clients. Check out the case study on the development of our brand › polyfen.com/case-study Follo...

Polyfen — Logo variations

February 04, 2019

The different variations that comprehend our logo system, with some alternatives optimized for light backgrounds, others for dark backgrounds, some optimized for medium-large scale applications, others for reduced sizes. Typeface: Intel...