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  1. 4 Aug
    Guilherme Pocai
    Commented on Every Tuesday. Forever.

    Clark Clark Clark

  2. 27 Jul
    Guilherme Pocai
    Commented on Video Tagging Concept

    Did you use Principle? If so, how did you import the video into the app? Amazing work by the way :)

  3. 27 Jul
    Guilherme Pocai
    Followed Isil Uzum.
  4. 27 Jul
    Guilherme Pocai
    Dribbbled BBC Homepage
  5. 25 Jul
    Guilherme Pocai
    Commented on pull to refresh

    Great work... Did you use Principle? I'm trying to create something similar to it

  6. 21 Jul
    Guilherme Pocai
    Dribbbled Top Gear
  7. 20 Jul
    Guilherme Pocai
    Commented on Dashboard Graphs Animation — FREEBIE for Principle

    Thanks for sharing all these files! I'm new to Principle and they've been super useful. Cheers!

  8. 30 May
    Guilherme Pocai
    Followed Leo Natsume.