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  1. An interactive IPAD book for both children and adults. Travel with Alexa or Zach on their quest through exotic countries in search of celestial insights.
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    Updated September 30, 2016
    1. 3D figurine, toy design, batman, batkid, chibi batman, toy collectors, oasim, 3d artist, freelance 3d artist
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      Updated March 22, 2016
      1. As you might know I'm more of a cartoony kinda of guy and realistic 3d is out of my comfort zone, so I was so eager to take on this challenge!
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        Updated September 29, 2015
        1. So what better time of the year to spread your art and give back… For me, spreading art and the joy of Christmas is the closest to my heart.
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          Updated December 21, 2014
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            Updated August 05, 2014
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              Updated January 07, 2014