Animated Toggle Switch

July 08, 2020

Experimenting with shading to introduce depth to this animated toggle switch I created using Adobe XD.


June 20, 2020

Fun branding exercise I worked on this afternoon in Adobe XD.

Animated Health Globe

May 07, 2020

Sometimes you just need a break from UI design. A while back I designed a health/mana bottle, and this week I decided to make a few tweaks. All design (aside from the texture on the border) and animation was done using Adobe XD.

Flyout Navigation Bar

April 24, 2020

During this week's 'Getting Started in Adobe XD' class, I built out this navigation bar using components, states, masks, and auto-animate.

Animated Water Usage Screen

January 16, 2020

I built much of this interaction during a recent Adobe XD Daily Challenge stream to experiment with animated paths and masks. Download the XD file:

BB-8 Animation using Adobe XD

November 15, 2019

Sure, Adobe XD is typically used for UI/UX design, but sometimes I like to have a bit of fun. This BB-8 was designed completely using XD and animated using a single artboard thanks to component states.

Pokémon Go "Boxes" Concept

August 07, 2019

I spent my weekend in Adobe XD envisioning what 'Boxes' could feel like in Pokémon GO, allowing Trainers to better organize and group their Pokémon. Here's an early work in progress. There are a few areas that I still need to tackle, bu...

Explore Sepheotera

July 18, 2019

Fancy a trip to Sepheotera? Book now and explore its marvelous beauty, from it's towering mountains to its lush rivers. Design and animation created using Adobe XD.