Soaring Rhino Baseline Wordmark

October 05, 2016

In our final delivery to the client we make sure to include any necessary alternates to the primary logo. Here is the baseline version of the Soaring Rhino wordmark. --- Looking for a design partner? Let's fly together! Website - Email ...

Soaring Rhino Wordmark Detail

October 05, 2016

A closer look into the typography we developed for gaming company, Soaring Rhino. The usage of a consistent angle contributes to the logo’s energy, and successfully ties both the wordmark and icon together. Shoutout to @Himanshu Sharma f...

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Soaring Rhino Logo Icon

October 04, 2016

The final logo icon we developed for gaming company Soaring Rhino. Big ups to @Erik Weikert for the creative direction and @Brendan Keohane for jamming on some good type.

Soaring Rhino Final Logo

October 04, 2016

I couldn't be more stoked on the logo we created for gaming company, Soaring Rhino. It was a true team effort to bring this one to life. Huge props to @Himanshu Sharma for his awesome work on the rhino icon and to @Brendan Keohane for h...

SR Typography Refinements

August 30, 2016

Crew member @Brendan Keohane comparing some typography refinements for the Soaring Rhino logotype. Final logo coming soon! --- Looking for a design partner? Let's fly together! Website - Email - Twitter

Soaring Rhino Typography

August 29, 2016

The beginnings of a logotype for Soaring Rhino. Thanks to @Brendan Keohane for picking it up from here and working through the finer details with me.

Soaring Rhino Sketch

August 29, 2016

An in-progress sketch of a logo we are developing for gaming company Soaring Rhino. Props to crew members @Brendan Keohane and @Kelly Rice for their feedback and @Erik Weikert for the creative direction.

Rough Concepts

August 19, 2016

A behind the scenes shot of crew members @Brendan Keohane, @Kelly Rice and @Erik Weikert discussing early sketches for a branding project currently in the studio. Our process for developing a brand's identity always starts with ideation...