Pilot Shark Week! by Pilot

When Shark Week needed fresh, new licensing art at retail, Discovery turned to Pilot.

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Pacific Diving Club Patch

July 08, 2016

It was super fun to create a handful of graphics for Shark Week inspired by vintage military and club patches. You can find this badge along with the rest of our work applied to a bunch of cool merch in the Discovery online store. Enjoy!

Eyes the size of dinner plates...

July 07, 2016

It was blast creating this set of Shark Week licensing graphics for Discovery. The series was loosely inspired by a shark story told by one of my high school professors. "He had eyes the size of Dinner Plates!" Working with team member...

Shark Anatomy

July 01, 2016

Did you know a shark’s tail fin is called a Caudal fin? Here’s a series of licensing artwork mixing well known shark species and an educational twist. Check out more Shark Week artwork in the Discovery online store. Also, check out some...

Whale Shark

July 01, 2016

About a year ago a jawsome project came in to Pilot; developing licensing graphics for the one and only Shark Week! Here is a series of mono-line badges highlighting aspects of certain shark species. You can find our work applied to a b...

Huge Shark

July 01, 2016

It wouldn't be Shark Week without a nod to the shear power and brute force of the Great White! If you have been watching the Discovery Channel this week, you may have noticed one of the hosts wearing this shirt. If a breaching 4000lb sh...

New Opportunities for Shark Week

July 01, 2016

Discovery Channel was able to forge new partnerships as a result of the artwork produced by Pilot. New partnerships included t-shirt deals, watches, items to be included with kids meals, and personal care products featuring Shark Week de...

Never Stop Swimming

June 30, 2016

Our process for creating licensing artwork typically starts with a sketch. We work through composition and application before taking the art from sketch to final. You can find some of our artwork at local retailers or in the Discovery ...

Shark Week Pattern

June 29, 2016

We used a full-scale, in-house effort, combining the talents of our illustration and design teams to create the style guide for Shark Week. Here is one of the many patterns we created to be used on on consumer products like bedsheets, p...