Stock buying home screen

October 08, 2015

Following on from my previous concepts for this app, the home screen's job is to give me a snapshot of the value of my portfolio and the stocks in it. To get from here to the start of the buying flow for a stock I don't already own, I ca...

Stock buying flow

October 07, 2015

Device images for the stock buying flow in my previous post which starts from the individual stock screen.

Individual stock screen to begin stock buying process

October 05, 2015

Large version attached. The flow in my previous shot on natural language stock buying with custom keyboards begins with the individual stock page. Priority is on what's happening today; relevant for those wanting to start a trade. Histo...

Natural language and custom keyboard stock buying process

October 02, 2015

tl;dr; A stock buying process in natural language with all inputs via custom keyboards for each step. -------------- My online stockbroker, ASB Securities, doesn't have an app but I would really like one. Even if the only thing it did ...