Mobile Case Study View

March 21, 2013

Case study mobile view. The only changes needed from the large screen view is the hamburger dropdown menu and making the 2 column layout into 1 column. @Mathew Sanders - I want the project title to carry a lot of visual weight. I coul...

Case Study in Portfolio

March 13, 2013

Case study page layout in my portfolio. You can view it live here. I find I don't like reading long case studies, nor do I like reading case studies which are just screenshots and no description. I've targeted 2 short paragraphs for m...

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Portfolio Refresh

March 12, 2013

I needed to build a new portfolio site over the Christmas break to replace the outdated site I'd been using since then. It built it to about 90% of what I envisaged and have been progressing it in small chunks since then. It's pretty mu...