High on Pixels preview

October 01, 2014

It's about time we redesign our website. Unfortunately we have no time to build a proper portfolio yet, so this coming soon page should do the job for now. Our current site is just embarrassing. Check out the attachment for full, retina...

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Dribbble hop 404

High on Pixels 404

December 07, 2011

Just a 404 page for High on Pixels website. Scaled down to 60%.

Dribbble hop index

High on Pixels top

November 23, 2011

Finally, I got the idea for the homepage.

Dribbble hop web

High on Pixels & Building Websites

November 17, 2011

WIP. Scaled down 50%. I like the effect but can't yet figure out how to make it work on an actual website.

Dribbble hop logo

High on Pixels logo

November 10, 2011