Social gifting app by Pawel Kadysz

Social gifting app I'm working on. Doing both desktop and mobile versions of the app. Should be online soon. Unfortunately, only for polish users for now.

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Social gifting app icon

April 24, 2013

An icon for a social gifting app. With the app user can give his friends discounts for various products and services. Kind of what Wrapp does. Attached version with white background as well. Oh, the icon on top of the box is actually a...

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Discount ticket

March 01, 2013

Another screen for the mobile version of the app.

Social gifting placeholder

February 27, 2013

Here's a placeholder that user sees when there are no discounts on his account yet. Part of the sidebar to the right. @2x for real pixels.

Discounts list

February 20, 2013

Another one. This time it's a list of discounts you can claim. @2x available - and it's actually 100% view.

Friends list - mobile

February 19, 2013

Mobile version of the app. Friends list view. @2x view available. Full view attached.

Friends list

February 19, 2013

View of friends list. Social gifting app interface I am working on. @2x view available.

Startup screen

February 11, 2013

Startup screen. The icon / logo hasn't been designed yet. @2x view available. Full view attached.

Social gifting landing page

February 07, 2013

Having lots of fun doing this one. @2x available.