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  1. 4 Feb
    Pawel Kadysz
    Commented on Minimal still life

    @Oliur you'd be surprised how simple the setup is.

  2. 31 Jan
    Pawel Kadysz
    Followed Felix Dorner.
  3. 14 Dec
    Pawel Kadysz
    Commented on Vader Daily

    @Denis Abdullin just as the the description in the D.Vader's profile says: "These photos are not for sale and can't be used for any commercial or promotional purposes. No prints or t-shirts either."

  4. 14 Dec
    Pawel Kadysz
    Dribbbled Vader Daily
  5. 8 Dec
    Pawel Kadysz
    Commented on Photo uploading

    What if the photo is in a portrait orientation?