The Happy Emporium

September 09, 2014

Had an amazing time creating the new logotype for "The Happy Emporium" It took me 15+ hours to finish but it was worth the hard work! L or F like

VAN DYCK BAR Amsterdam

August 29, 2014

Had the honor to create an unique custom lettering in collaboration with the VAN DYCK BAR for their merchandise.

Haven & Florin

August 21, 2014

Custom Lettering for Haven & Florin which is a camera backpack and equipment company created to help fund art programs for children. (Sketch of other concept is attached)

Fluent Pixel - Creative

August 11, 2014

Been working on this custom lettering logotype for a design agency based in Australia last week, we are both really excited about the outcome. Check out the process images in the attachment, also attached the FP icon. (colors doesn't r...

TeeJay Delacruz

August 08, 2014

Raw sketch for Photographer TeeJay Delacruz.


July 29, 2014

Logotype for Theme.Works. Website to design your Wordpress theme. See live here:


Tall & Rich

July 18, 2014

Horizontal and vertical alignment proposals for Tall & Rich, a DJ couple from the Netherlands.