Positivity Space

July 04, 2016

After some months of work, the new design I did for Positivity Space has shipped. The new design touched on every part of the site: — Totally new Dashboard, with inline Add Positives, animated quick actions for Breathe and Vent, a chart...


March 16, 2016

The activity log of Positivity Space, with all Breathe, Vent, and Positive entries in a simple timeline.

Positive Inputs

March 01, 2016

Sound Icons

February 05, 2016

Updated for the new design, with thicker strokes, and softer corners.


February 05, 2016

Toggle zoom with Z to see at original resolution. Note: using Twitter’s open source emoji set.

Navigation Icons

December 18, 2015

Iconography is not my forte, but slowly, it’s becoming less difficult.

Sound / Mute

July 02, 2015

Just a couple of very simple icons.

Profile Icons

May 07, 2015

Icons for another project