Grumpy Geezer

October 18, 2017

What’s grinding this grumpy geriatrics gears? It´s unclear if his gargoyle gaze is caused by guzzling some ghastly gin or if he is agonised by gout but this grandfather’s gritty grunts and grumbles are genuinely grisly. Good grief! This ...

Black Metal Beaker

October 17, 2017

I have always held Beaker to be the must brutal muppet. Clouded in an aura of misanthropy and ice cold nihilism, his dead eyes and high pitched screeches will terrify anyone to the core. Signed A5 print on 200g matte paper 14,8 × 21 cm...

Satanic Kitten

October 15, 2017

This adorable kitten enjoys hedonistic belly rubs, sacrificing balls of yarn to the prince of darkness and vulgar displays of trying to fit into small boxes. Nawww! Signed A5 print on 200g matte paper

Punk wizard

April 24, 2017

Sure why not.

TF2 Soldier

March 29, 2017

I still love the TF2 character designs

Free Rick

March 27, 2017


March 24, 2017

Loveable Rascal

July 06, 2016