September 03, 2016

Last month, we worked with the team at Gravity to create a symbol and wordmark for their black car service. Because Gravity’s name carries a lot of weight, a delicate stylized feather was chosen as the symbol to help convey a lightweigh...

Alliance Chiropractic

July 09, 2016

My cousin is starting a chiropractic clinic in Indiana. I made her this logo that is sturdy, aligned, and merges the chiropractic wings with the torch of Indiana.


April 12, 2016

A few months ago, Ninite came to us to create an all-new logo for their service. As "Ninite" sounded a little like a fictional mineral, we decided it'd be fun to make a crystal as the logo and app icon which shared a shape originally us...


March 24, 2016

Back in December, we created this logo for Buglife, a new bug-tracking tool for iOS developers. We were tasked with creating a simple bug symbol that would work well as a small icon inside an app being tested so users could file a quick...


December 11, 2015

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company (backed by... Elon Musk !! ) launched today, and we're ecstatic that they chose Parakeet to create their logo ( !! ) Hire Parakeet for your project!

Super Lucky Boy

December 04, 2015

Had a great time designing a logo for my friend @Nob Nukui's company, Super Lucky Boy. With a name like that, you have to have something a little silly! 🙃 Hire Parakeet for your project!


December 03, 2015

It brings us great joy to say that we created a logo for a physical establishment. For so long we've created things for digital, and digital alone. But when Blair Reynolds' new bar Americano opens in Portland, we'll see our work in a tot...



November 24, 2015

We had a great time working with Foster Douglas and Kevin McGillivray of Sandcastle on their new logo that adapts for various aspects of their business. Hire Parakeet for your project!