1. Happy New Year 2022 2022 graphic design happy new year illustration
    View Happy New Year 2022
    Happy New Year 2022
  2. The Goalkeeper asteroid design partners football goalkeeper goals illustration new year 2022
    View The Goalkeeper
    The Goalkeeper
  3. Jerusalema Dance Challenge animation character animation characterdesign handsometakis motion graphics
    View Jerusalema Dance Challenge
    Jerusalema Dance Challenge
  4. Takis onstage animation characterdesign characterillustration handsometakis happy birthday motion graphics
    View Takis onstage
    Takis onstage
  5. Handsome Takis Lifeshots animation character animation character design characterillustration handsometakis motion graphics
    View Handsome Takis Lifeshots
    Handsome Takis Lifeshots
  6. Let your laundry do the talking concert crowd duration freshness intensity lenor message music festival poster competition smell
    View Let your laundry do the talking
    Let your laundry do the talking
  7. Zewa Mummies absorbent asteroid design partners disposable paper towel hygiene mummies poster competition resilient wet zewa
    View Zewa Mummies
    Zewa Mummies
  8. Black & White pattern design asteroid design partners decoration pattern home fashion lovin.moda pattern design patterns pillows textiles
    View Black & White pattern design
    Black & White pattern design
  9. 2020 selfie / New Year card 2020 2020goals asteroidgr athens designpartners greece partners selfie together togetherness
    View 2020 selfie / New Year card
    2020 selfie / New Year card
  10. Zippers pair asteroid design partners protect yourself
    View Zippers pair
    Zippers pair
  11. Life basic kit art moves festival competition life basics poland
    View Life basic kit
    Life basic kit
  12. G7 Summit 2019 artmovesfestival asteroid design partners competition poland
    View G7 Summit 2019
    G7 Summit 2019
  13. Absolut Creative Competition 2019 50 finalists absolut creative competition. absolut greek final 2019 absolut party absolut values asteroid design partners creative design digital photography forests fsc poster competition recycle use of raw materials
    View Absolut Creative Competition 2019
    Absolut Creative Competition 2019
  14. Roller Coaster concept crest crest pro health gum line hold in place illustration poster competition surreal art tooth sensitivity toothpaste
    View Roller Coaster
    Roller Coaster
  15. Mind the...gum crest pro health gum health tooth sensitivity toothpaste typography
    View Mind the...gum
    Mind the...gum
  16. Driving School Filippakis (chiosdrive) chiosdrive design driving school logo
    View Driving School Filippakis (chiosdrive)
    Driving School Filippakis (chiosdrive)
  17. FREE WILL art moves 2018 billboard art illustration shortlisted
    View FREE WILL
  18. 1 March_Zero Discrimination Day human rights play fair zero discrimination day
    View 1 March_Zero Discrimination Day
    1 March_Zero Discrimination Day
  19. macway / New Year card mac consultant mac users macintosh technical support macway athens macway greece macwaygr
    View macway / New Year card
    macway / New Year card
  20. YOU START art moves 2017 billboards poland toruń
    View YOU START
  21. WINTER CYCLING CONGRESS in Moscow 6-ой зимний велоконгресс 6th winter cycling congress matryoshka(babushka) doll moscow 2018 москва
  22. World day of Social Justice justice social
    View World day of Social Justice
    World day of Social Justice
  23. Just Beware... christmas find will you
    View Just Beware...
    Just Beware...
  24. UNDERWATER Research Project 2013-2017 skiathos island-greece
    View UNDERWATER Research Project 2013-2017
    UNDERWATER Research Project 2013-2017
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