Squid Bikes Space Age Logo

April 04, 2017

A sneak peek at some of the logo/graphics/patterns and identity I'm working on for Squid Bikes Season 3 graphics. A bit of "2001 Space Odyssey" meets psychedelia meets rad graphics.

Rattlecan Pattern

November 16, 2016

A pattern I created for Sacramento bike company Squid Bikes. One of the Squid's main drives is that people can DIY paint their own cyclocross frames. This patterns which is used as a fabric for Squid's kits and bike seats celebrates th...

Squid Bikes Cyclocross Decals

April 23, 2016

Detail of some of the bike decals I've done for Squid Bikes. You can check em out here: http://www.squidbikes.com/flavors


Squid Bikes | Anthony Clark Espionage

April 23, 2016

Artwork for Squid Bikes pro rider Anthony Clark: http://www.squidbikes.com/anthony/


Creature Decals for Squid Bikes

April 20, 2016

Some bike decal graphics for Squid Bikes: http://www.squidbikes.com/flavors

Squid Bikes | Anthony Clark Espionage Pattern

April 20, 2016

Some of the graphics for pro cyclocross rider Anthony Clark's bike. He rides for Squid Bikes of Sacramento CA and is an awesome dude: http://www.squidbikes.com/anthony/

Blocky Bike Decal for Squid Bikes

April 20, 2016

Cyclocross decals for Squid Bikes of Sacramento CA. Love working with these guys: http://www.squidbikes.com/vibes/

Bike dog squid collab anim

Bike Dog / Squid Bikes Collaboration

April 20, 2016

Made this shirt design for Squid Bikes who are friends and collaborators with the awesome watering hole Bike Dog Brewery in West Sacramento.