Basset Hound

September 04, 2014

Another little pal :)

Dogcon Tees

September 03, 2014

I've uploaded my first t-shirt designs on to Threadless! :D Chihuahua Obsession and Shih Tzu Psychedelia. Hope you guys like them! If you do, please vote :) thank you all!


September 03, 2014

Shih Tzu

September 03, 2014

Some color versions are ready :) Here's the Shih Tzu.


September 02, 2014

Love this project! <3 This is the outline version, now I'm working on the color versions :))) All comments will be very much appreciated. Thx! (The first two are my dogs, Kosmo and Indiana, Weimaraner and Huskymix)