5 Shots

Map Popup

Love @Ionut Zamfir 's work so passing some time rebounding his shots. Though the design is bit confused to me from UX perspective. But let me know your thoug...

July 15, 2013

Guest Speakers

Doing this for fun! @Ionut Zamfir Thanks a lot bro for the amazing fonts pair inspiration!

April 10, 2013

Music Player

Got some time and doing this for fun! Love the color pattern of @Rovane Durso So tried copying his awesome color patterns ;P Don't forget to hit the @2x

March 25, 2013

Weather notifier 2

Weather Notifier 2

This my another try of Bart Ebbekink's Weather Pop-up. Check another version

July 10, 2012

Weather notifier

Weather Notifier

@Bart Ebbekink designed a beautiful weather widget. I like that so much and also the rebounds of other numerous players. Got a little lazy this night so I tr...

July 09, 2012