Whiskey App Icon

March 06, 2014

A glass of Whiskey, on the rocks, for Sam Soffes's new app. And the neat version. Of course, every element of the icon is translucent: the glass, the whiskey, the ice cube. You can see it against a transparency grid too.

Quibbler App Icon

December 30, 2013

Quibbler is a crossword game for iOS (iPhone and iPad) designed by Pacific Helm and written by Joachim Bondo, the creator of Deep Green. We're honored to work with Joachim, and are very happy with how visually detailed the app turned ou...

Jetpac City Guides Icon

December 05, 2013

See where people like you hang out! Find local guides for the most popular places with Jetpac City Guides. We created this icon that uses the Jetpac "check" logo, while also hinting at city streets stylistically. See the version with an...

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Shots of Me App Icon

November 13, 2013

Take selfies and share them with your friends with Shots of Me.

Lootsy App Icon

October 16, 2013

Lootsy is a simple way to buy and sell stuff.

Weather Line App Icon

October 16, 2013

See your weather forecast in a simple infographic called Weather Line.

Briefscase App Icon

October 07, 2013

Here's a new iOS 7 app icon we made for Briefscase that is more synonymous with the OS X icon for it's companion app, Briefs. Check out the attachment for how we make use of the icon grid!

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Feed Wrangler & Pod Wrangler App Icons

September 24, 2013

@Brad Ellis created the first version of Feed Wrangler's icon for David Smith, and we recently updated it for iOS 7 with a brighter blue and less effects. Instead of using dark shadows to shade around the lasso, we used opacity to show ...