Contact form (animated + coded)

October 12, 2012

Updated contact form for my redesigned portfolio. Hitting the send button makes the paper "go inside" the mail hole.. it sounds weird to explain it so you'd better watch the video demoing it or just try it yourself :)

Like button

Experimental like button [Animated]

September 07, 2012

Trying out this experimental like button for my redesigned portfolio. Clicking on it triggers a falling pixels animation that fills up the heart. There's a video of it. Comments are appreciated, thanks!

Dribbble new portfoilio

Portfolio header

September 05, 2012

Working on redesigning my portfolio. Trying to make it less texture/skeuomorphism-heavy (q.v.: Not sure about the typeface (Junction by The League of Movable Type). It's the best free web-font I've found as a compa...

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