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September 19, 2012

Hi folks, Here is social share links from sidebar. The orange icon represents the hover states with dropdown which appears at mouse-over-action. Comments are most welcome as always and you can follow me on Twitter for more updates. Ch...

Quiltlist updates 03


August 17, 2012

Hi friends, Here is the toggle lets you switch between Updates view in timeline style and Group list view in grid style. Big group block at the left, list of updates for the group at the right. I'm guessing you will comment about givi...

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Expand avatars

August 13, 2012

Hi friends, Here we show 1 full and 2 half avatar and when you move mouse over, the avatars expands left to show full size. You can click to jump in whole list. Comments are much appreciated! Cheers, I ◐◑◐◑ at Twitter.


Updates timeline

August 10, 2012

Hi friends, Here is how timeline for updates mostly likely will look like at homepage. Group cover block at the left, and updates for it at the right. "17 updates" appears only when you move mouse over any update block. Second update bl...

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August 09, 2012

Hi friends, You can rather create your own scrapbook or subscribe to your friends'. At the screenshot My sBooks is active and content below displays my sBooks, I can switch to see my friends by clicking Subscribed. Comments are much a...

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Notification Dropdown

August 07, 2012

Hi friends, Here is very first approach to dropdown. Normally it is longer, showing 5 entries at a time and scrolling to see more in fixed height dropdown, but I made it little shorter to fit into Dribbble's 300px height : ) The titles...

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August 06, 2012

Hi friends, Here is early stage design, part of header... I'm trying few different ideas for notification and avatar parts, I think I'm gonna go with this. Notification-click opens a dropdown, just like avatar-click. As usual, I'm goi...

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Sketching for web

August 03, 2012

Hi friends, I received many emails after my How I wireframe/sketch Mac Apps post, saying that it inspired some of you folks and asked me to share more if I have... So, here I wanted to share a web one. Again it is same way, one rough ...

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