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Pick your player | Mac OS App

January 09, 2013

Pick your fav player to run the app and get lyrics automatically for the current track. Active state gets branding colour as seen green for Spotify. Attached is bigger view You can download the app from App Store! Cheers, @Oykun

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musiXmatch for Mac released!

January 08, 2013

Hi friends, After months of hard work, musiXmatch for Mac has hit the App Store. Go, download, enjoy! The app icon made by awesome SoftFacade ☞ Here is App Store link for you! Cheers, @Oykun

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New musiXmatch app

December 21, 2012

Excited to share this BIG update! We've redesigned the navigation bar, tabbar and some other details for musiXmatch app. Here is new dark version. It is live at App Store. Go, update, enjoy lyrics with new look. There are much more ne...

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musiXmatch new dark player screen

October 03, 2012

Hi folks, Here is new dark player screen for musiXmatch app which is available on App Store from today! With this update, we also made it compatible for iPhone 5 and added some other new features, made some fixes... more to come very ...

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It's alive, it's on the App Store!

August 14, 2012

Hi folks, Yes, it is alive! It is on the App Store! We're implementing some new UI tweaks, improvements already for the next update, which is coming very soon, meanwhile we couldn't wait to share this new app with you :) Go, downloa...



June 29, 2012

Here is scanning screen when user runs app for the very first time. You can also come back to this screen anytime later. The radial orange shows the progress, goes to full circle... Keeping the clean approach again. Comments are much ap...

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Tabbar v2

June 26, 2012

Here is new version of tabbar. Although everybody at the team loved the first version with circle middle button, we need to change it for ads placement above tabbar for some screens. It is much appreciated, if you can give a min to hav...

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No Favorites Yet

June 20, 2012

For some reason, if you don't have any favorite song, this is the screen you will see. You also have real pixels here. Feedbacks are much appreciated! More to come soon and you can follow me on Twitter for updates...

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