Feels: Influencer suggestions

October 10, 2017

Here is something I designed in 2016 that I'm just able to share. (Freelance life) Here we wanted to help Feels users (brands) to explore Instagram influencers for collaboration based on an algorithm from brand's activity, tags, so on....

Real time messaging between iPhone and Web

February 01, 2017

The messaging section we designed for brands and talents to talk each other in early 2016. Talents are using iOS app and Brands are using website. They can send photos/videos/texts to each other between this 2 platforms in real time. ...

Creating a listing flow

January 23, 2017

Here is a design from last year to create new listing in 2 steps (3 if YouTube is selected) at Feels. We didn't want modals or boxes appearing based on selections. We kept it in classic structure and as neutral/simple as possible. Than...

Feels: Campaigns

December 15, 2016

No fancy colours, no fancy icons, no fancy animations, ... We wanted to keep this as neutral, clean, fast and simple as possible. Brands, feel free to sign up at http://feels.com/brand-signup Thanks! @Oykun -- We're available for d...

Brand signup for Feels

December 09, 2016

Brand signup pages for Feels. Keeping it consistent with the landing page. You can see it live at http://feels.com/brand-signup ✌🏼 -- We're available for digital design/development projects for any screens. 💌 hello@madebyo.com

The new Feels.com

December 05, 2016

The new Feels.com that I designed few weeks ago is out 👍🏼 You should scroll it at Feels.com to see scroll-animations :) Thanks! @Oykun -- We're available for digital design/development projects for any screens. 💌 hello@oykun.com

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