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by Oykun Yilmaz

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Watch how it works!

Watch how it works link. You click on it and the video starts in lightbox...

March 12, 2012

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Feedbacks from

Here is sidebar block for product feedbacks from Amazon. I wanted to keep the super clean concept :) Please, check out the attachment for full view. Commen...

February 09, 2012

Product details 03

Buy Now!

Here is a part of product details page. Comments are much appreciates, Thanks,

February 08, 2012

Yis drbbbl 03


Flag the review! Comments are much appreciated! Thanks,

February 07, 2012



We are giving whole new direction to this project's UI. Here is a part of new design. It's the dropdown menu for user. You can follow me on Twitter for upda...

February 01, 2012

Home 03

Facebook friends + Search product

Here is part of "Your Facebook friends here" block and huge "Search Product" input which is the main focus on the page. Red button color comes from branding....

January 25, 2012


Drop-down, Play...

Made some revisions and designed drop-down. Off state of the user block in header bar is same as the notification one at its left. @Zee7: yes, the Myraidpr...

January 23, 2012



Here is drop-down you have quick access to list user's reviews for other products... You can follow me on Twitter for updates... Comments are much apprecia...

January 20, 2012