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A little bit about Meg Lewis

I use my skills as a designer and my love for comedy to make the world a happier place through design, books, talks, writing, spaces, podcasts, workshops, and videos!

I’ve been a freelance brand designer for over 10 years! I specialize in clean, bright, personable design and creating brands that the world loves.

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Latest Episode

Overtime: Here Come The ⌘-C Cats

Episode 83

Here Come the ⌘-C Cats

This week on Overtime, we break down a new, unconventional design trend for political campaigns that everybody wanting to do the same thing. Plus, Meg tries to uncover the mysterious 👁️️👄👁️, and 3D artist Noah Camp stops by to chat about overcoming imposter syndrome and the power of leaning on support to find your way as a creative. Thanks to Basecamp for sponsoring this episode!

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Past episodes

  • Episode 82

    Design The New Normal

    This week on Overtime, we talk about assessing our design thinking to stop perpetuating heteronormativity. Plus ,a new product that is reinventing the way we use email! Then, the organizers of “Where are the Black Designers” Mitzi Okou and Garrett Albury stop by to chat about their upcoming event, and what folks can expect. Thanks to Basecamp for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Episode 81

    Is Comic Sans Really That Bad?

    This week on Overtime, we unpack what it means to decolonize our design thinking and question the rules we’ve been taught. Plus, brands design apologies that all look… the same? Finally, Meg talks about how to avoid lifting up the same people over and over again, and start lifting up some new voices. Thanks to Basecamp for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Episode 80

    Bonk Against The Boundaries

    This week on Overtime, we discuss whether remote work is the new normal after more companies announce permanent work-from-home policies. Then, Meg helps us embrace all the ways we’ve changed as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Last but not least, Meg tackles the subject of impostor syndrome and encourages us to redefine those pre-determined labels of what it means to be a designer.

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  • Episode 79

    Toucan Play At This (Design) Game

    This week on Overtime, Froot Loops gives our old friend Toucan Sam an unexpected redesign that has the whole internet talking. Plus, more creatives make and sell face masks to earn extra income while helping those on the front lines. Finally, Noah Glenn—host of ‘Like You’, a mindfulness podcast for kids—drops by to expand our definition of mindfulness and what we should be learning from kids.

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  • Episode 78

    Side-Benefits of Side-Projects

    Meg shares a handful of virtual museum tours worth checking out right now, and gives us a rundown of how unemployment and PPP loans work as a self-employed creative right now. Plus, Charli Prangley and Femke van Schoonhoven stop by to talk about making time for side projects while balancing a full-time job. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Episode 77

    Shut Up And Zoom

    This week on Overtime, we learn that popping into a Zoom room full of silent people is a thing that actually isn’t awkward, artists get creative with toilet paper to raise money for COVID-19 relief, and Eric Friedensohn joins Meg to talk about making murals and building community. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode!

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