Read later animation

Quick add article to read later list .principle

September 19, 2015

First of all, the principle file attached, you can grab it here. I have showed how to read later in article details, but in this news app we still need quickly add to read later list when we browse the news feed from...

Screen transition

Reading experience transition .principle

September 11, 2015

Hi, Folks I'm prototyping how to scroll down and up of news article, not including the blur effect of cover photo, maybe i will take a try next time. Unified side screen transition animation. Follow me on Instagram | Twitter

Setting animation

Setting interactive prototype .principle

September 07, 2015

Hi, Folks New piece of work-in-process news app interactive prototype is out. Here is my original idea: I definitely hope there has no "setting" option in an app, keep it dead simple. The reality is i can't reach that goal in our app,...

Action bar

Action bar prototype .principle

September 05, 2015

We read a ton of news everyday, but we haven't much time can read them all at once. This little action bar prototype is trying to help busy people quickly pick the best reading long article for current status. Any feedback would be we...

Read later

Read later prototype .principle

August 31, 2015

Read later interactive prototype of our WIP news app. .principle attached, thanks:) Instagram | Twitter

Profile prototype

User profile UI prototype.pixate and .sketch

August 21, 2015

Hi community🙋, Freebie .sketch and .pixate resources both attached. I spend almost a week prototyping with Pixate, it has a lot fun, simple start and efficiently convert to iOS developer and boss easy understand stuff. And you know wha...


Chatroom prototype.pixate

August 18, 2015

Third interactive prototype made with Pixate. A new concept feature would be developed in @BiuApp, it works with the projector, shine upon to wall. Instagram | Twitter

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