1. Landing page animals #dailycacatoes thecacatoestheory dailycacatoes searchbar @ui @design dailyui dog animals desktop landingpage design ui
    View Landing page animals #dailycacatoes
    Landing page animals #dailycacatoes
  2. Airline ticket #dailycacatoes compagnyairline planeticket airplaneticket compagny ticket mobile dailycacatoes thecacatoestheory cleardesign ui @ui dailyui @design design
    View Airline ticket #dailycacatoes
    Airline ticket #dailycacatoes
  3. Glass counter #dailycacatoes useinmoderation beermarathon blue counter glasscounter beer thecacatoestheory dailycacatoes challenge dailyui @ui @design ui design mobile
    View Glass counter #dailycacatoes
    Glass counter #dailycacatoes
  4. Weather widget #dailycacatoes gradient colors @design @ui widget weather design ui dailyui challenge dailycacatoes mobile thecacatoestheory
    View Weather widget #dailycacatoes
    Weather widget #dailycacatoes
  5. Payment method #dailycacatoes clear @design @ui design ui dailyui tesla payment challenge cacatoesdaily thecacatoestheory desktop
    View Payment method #dailycacatoes
    Payment method #dailycacatoes
  6. Error 404 responsive #dailycacatoes error 404 @daily-ui error404 typography colors @ui thecacatoestheory challenge dailycacatoes responsive desktop mobile ui dailyui design @design
    View Error 404 responsive #dailycacatoes
    Error 404 responsive #dailycacatoes
  7. Blog #dailycacatoes desktop @thecacatoestheory cacatoesdaily challenge fashion blog dailyui ui design @ui @design
    View Blog #dailycacatoes
    Blog #dailycacatoes
  8. Treasure hunt #dailycacatoes thecacatoestheory mobile dailycacatoes challenge dailyui ui treasurehunt design @ui @design
    View Treasure hunt #dailycacatoes
    Treasure hunt #dailycacatoes
  9. Easyjet project refonte compagny airplane fly easyjet uxui ux design
    View Easyjet
  10. Characteristics of Martian Planet darkmode planet characteristics webdocumentaire dailyui ux ui illustration colors design
    View Characteristics of Martian Planet
    Characteristics of Martian Planet
  11. Animation_zen_music mobile figma music dailyux dailyui zen animation design
    View Animation_zen_music
  12. Remake of EasyJet design ux ui colors orange remake easyjet mobile process
    View Remake of EasyJet
    Remake of EasyJet
  13. Remake - Bugatti design uidesign branding refonte black bugatti cars dailyui daily-ui webdesigner
    View Remake - Bugatti
    Remake - Bugatti
  14. Mobile app - cosmetics ui dailyui mobile webdesign branding pink colors design cosmetics
    View Mobile app - cosmetics
    Mobile app - cosmetics
  15. Manga streaming - Casa de Papel daily-ui colors red uxui ux streaming casadepapel tokyo manga design
    View Manga streaming - Casa de Papel
    Manga streaming - Casa de Papel
  16. Credit Card Checkout - Remake Netflix ux design dailyui dailyux webdesign payment colors ui
    View Credit Card Checkout - Remake Netflix
    Credit Card Checkout - Remake Netflix
  17. Logo Cannapoint @logo @color @design
    View Logo Cannapoint
    Logo Cannapoint
  18. Dashboards Foorder @dashboard @restaurant @blackandwhite @simple @ui @ux @daily-ui @design
    View Dashboards Foorder
    Dashboards Foorder
  19. Order validation - video games @colors @ux @ui @dailyui @design
    View Order validation - video games
    Order validation - video games
  20. Delivery Food App @animation @food @mobile @colors @ux @ui @daily-ui @design
    View Delivery Food App
    Delivery Food App
  21. PriMask SCHOOL PROJECT (mobile) @style @ecology @actuality @personalization @mask @coronavirus @mobile @ux @ui @colors @design
    View PriMask SCHOOL PROJECT (mobile)
    PriMask SCHOOL PROJECT (mobile)
  22. #stayathome @coronavirus @actuality @colors @illustration @poster
    View #stayathome
  23. Connexion for an event agency @connection @application @ux @ui @daily-ui @animation @design
    View Connexion for an event agency
    Connexion for an event agency
  24. Remake Nespresso website @project @school @ux @ui @design
    View Remake Nespresso website
    Remake Nespresso website
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