caviar by Olga Vasik

russian snowboard/streetwear brand

11 Shots + 1 Attachment

Cvr monogram 01 01

Cvr Monogram

April 24, 2013

quick cvr monogram


Badge caviar

December 05, 2012

one of the badge variant with mew logo

Caviar logo

Caviar Logo

December 05, 2012

One of the variants, GIF shows evolution process from sketch to final variant

Bear print prew

Bear Print

October 11, 2012

t-shirt print i'm working at


bear sketch

October 02, 2012

making some sketches for new caviar t-shirt print

Color prew

Ship print colour

August 06, 2012

full size attached


Ship print

August 02, 2012

part of t-shirt print i'm working at now

Caviar lettering 2

Caviar Lettering

March 15, 2012

new longslive prints. can't decide which one looks better