Seed features

Seed Features

October 18, 2017

Had fun designing and building! Now go apply for a business bank account all you kooky contracting kids. Membership is now FREE!

Seed web components

Seed Web Component Library

October 17, 2017

Getting this Sketch Library file dialed in. Responsive symbols for all the things.

Seed Web App

October 16, 2017

We're making good progress with Seed for web — quickly getting up to snuff with the iPhone app! Go apply for a business bank account at

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Seed welcome

Seed Welcome Flow Animation

July 13, 2017

Updates to the Seed iPhone app welcome flow. Have a business? Need a bank?

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Shake 2x

Beta Shake

February 23, 2017

Icons for SEED

October 15, 2015

Some icons I designed for our new SEED website. Now you might understand what we're up to, even if you aren't into APIs - !