Erisium new website - components

August 17, 2020

Here is a selection of the reusable components made for Erisium new website. They are scalable, harmonized and mobile first 🔥 - ➡️ Follow me on Twitter

Erisium new website - profile panel

July 02, 2020

A close up view of the profile panel for Erisium new website. Take a quick look at your picture, pseudo and rank with links to your personal pages / actions and your notifications center. It's a simple way to concentrate in one place eve...

Erisium new website - alerts

June 05, 2020

Here are the alerts/toasts messages i've designed for Erisium. Minimalist, soft and efficient ✉️

Erisium new website - Home

April 23, 2020

The star of the show : the home page ! Clean and simple, with the right amont of color 👌 What do you think ?

Erisium new website - Sign in

April 17, 2020

First look at the new Erisium website incoming : the sign in page 🙌 Did you said Dark mode only ?

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