1. Double Dog Dare-A-Thon icon doge shiba inu silly dare middle school event branding blue two-headed double dog
    View Double Dog Dare-A-Thon
    Double Dog Dare-A-Thon
  2. Please Stand By standby distorted tv gritty test pattern grid logo teaser displacement signal color bars broadcast
    View Please Stand By
    Please Stand By
  3. Summer Rules process neon lettering sketch school 90s rad s tongue build cool hand drawn typogaphy summer
    View Summer Rules
    Summer Rules
  4. No Regrets stairs doorway church snake bird tattoo floral vector geometric speckled clean illustration key art
    View No Regrets
    No Regrets
  5. Keep The Dream Alive martin luther king jr black lives matter poster atlanta blm mlk
    View Keep The Dream Alive
    Keep The Dream Alive
  6. Easter • 2016 light burst tomb thorns easter
    View Easter • 2016
    Easter • 2016
  7. Decatur City Church Branding decatur north point andy stanley map city church logo
    View Decatur City Church Branding
    Decatur City Church Branding
  8. Decatur City Church • Poster buildings city gig poster poster decatur
    View Decatur City Church • Poster
    Decatur City Church • Poster
  9. The N Commandments • Key Art andy stanley north point church heart commandments
    View The N Commandments • Key Art
    The N Commandments • Key Art
  10. Bystander Series Key Art signs key art detail collage jesus miracles colorful eye digital illustration paint church series message easter
    View Bystander Series Key Art
    Bystander Series Key Art
  11. re:group Conference 2018 — Printed Materials name badge letterpress foil lanyard book shirt printed screen circles groups church conference
    View re:group Conference 2018 — Printed Materials
    re:group Conference 2018 — Printed Materials
  12. Real Talk texture colorful paint waves liquid bright bubble box speech text talk
    View Real Talk
    Real Talk
  13. Canopy Style Boards logo motion design boards style frames brand marks branding singles atlanta community
    View Canopy Style Boards
    Canopy Style Boards
  14. Social with Substance Shirt grid canopy shapes apparel social screen printing abstract shirt geometric
    View Social with Substance Shirt
    Social with Substance Shirt
  15. Better Type progression better series message repeating vector typography
    View Better Type
    Better Type
  16. Canopy Brand Reveal community singles atlanta brand marks style frames motion design branding logo
    View Canopy Brand Reveal
    Canopy Brand Reveal
  17. One Neon Sign students youth hazy glow flicker physical sign neon
    View One Neon Sign
    One Neon Sign
  18. Flip Twist Scribbble flip twist scribble 3d gif animated typography
    View Flip Twist Scribbble
    Flip Twist Scribbble
  19. Flip The Script Title Pack cutout 3d twist scribble middle school flip rotoscoping frame by frame animation motion design video bumper title pack
    View Flip The Script Title Pack
    Flip The Script Title Pack
  20. Easter 2019 resurrection church message detail collage digital illustration light paint stone tomb jesus key art easter
    View Easter 2019
    Easter 2019
  21. Canopy 4K Post vector vortex canopy social media milestone 4k post instagram
    View Canopy 4K Post
    Canopy 4K Post
  22. North Point Community Church Branding andy stanley point north diagonal circle logo grey orange branding north point community church
    View North Point Community Church Branding
    North Point Community Church Branding
  23. North Point Leadership Experience print black and white north point branding logo badge
    View North Point Leadership Experience
    North Point Leadership Experience
  24. Freedom Key Art students layered 3d typogaphy lettering type dimensional
    View Freedom Key Art
    Freedom Key Art
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