Museo™ - Achievements 🏆

July 10, 2015

Dear friends, latest version of the achievements page for MUSEO. I enhanced the overall contrast since my last shot to get better readability and replaced the previous 3D render by a more subtle low poly effect. There are 4 achievement...

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Museo™ - Trophy Badge

July 07, 2015

Hey friends, Here is a sample of what you could get when you unlocked a trophy on MUSEO. I've proceeded to a few changes since my last shot, especially on the overall aesthetic of my illustrations with a subtle combination of Low Poly a...

Museo™ - Achievements (Preview)

July 03, 2015

A sneak pick of what i'm working on, achievements page of my personal project MUSEO! There are 4 trophies sections: A/ Music Genre B/ Time is Music C/ Activities D/ Contributions And each achievements of the "Music Genre" contains 5 l...

Museo™ - Retractable Menu

September 18, 2014

It's been a while since i posted WIP about my Museo app. So, after several projects with cool agencies this summer I can finally dedicate myself a little to its development. After several tests, I wanted to make the interface as flexibl...

Museo™ - The Collections

April 15, 2014

Hey Dribbblers, Today i would like to present a new feature that i worked for Museo™. This web app has grown in my mind this past few weeks and i made some improvements like a little bit more depths on part of the UI (Changing the head...

Museo™ - Desktop App v1

February 25, 2014

Hey Dribbblers, Here is the first version of the Museo™ - Desktop App. Still working on some crucial functions in order to make the app really fun. - See attached files for BIGGER VIEW Press L pay my coffee ;) Enjoy! __________ Follo...

Museo™ - Organizer

February 04, 2014

Hey Dribbblers, here is the right part of the Museo™ main interface with a different approach to organize your collection and see your progess of getting the complete artist's discography. - See attached files for BIGGER VIEW Still a W...

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Anim menu museo

[GIF] Museo™ - Profile Selection

January 30, 2014

Here is an extended preview of what i imagined for the MUSEO™ profile selection on the main menu. Have multiple sessions on one single MUSEO™ account is a function that i have in mind and that i would implement for people who love to co...

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