Extra ribbony

Extra Ribbony Catalog Search

February 12, 2010

Catalog Search, now with EXTRA RIBBON! Still tweaking changes to the header, navigation, and some type treatment with the content areas. Getting excited about this one and hoping it gets approved by the big wigs...

Catalog search top left

Catalog Search (Top Left)

February 11, 2010

Another section of the design comp. The header is still in progress, but it's much better than it was a few days ago. The name of said school has been removed for privacy concerns (not that you can't figure it out of course).



February 08, 2010

Making headway with the entire page layout now. Not completely satisfied with the ribbon just yet, but it's getting there.


Days Offered, Sort Dropdown

February 05, 2010

Another small update to the UI. Days of the week icons lose the 1 pixel separator between colors, non-highlighted days don't have a page curl. Slight change to the dropdown as well. And of course there's a little more to see above...


Days Offered with Calendar Icons

February 04, 2010

A slight update to the (non-clickable) days of the week, using a bit more of a calendar metaphor, and the drop down for sorting.


Days Offered

February 04, 2010

A little something I'm working on at the big H, trying to figure out the best way to display these search results. The days of the week area is something I really like, but probably needs some refinement.