Yo nikki

Yo Nikki

February 04, 2012

The final slide of my presentation at Refresh Boston the other night. With some Keynote trickery I was able to load a live web view after posting a form with Nikki & Annie, the first two people to ask me a question, from my phone. It...

Yo taylor.

Yo Taylor.

February 02, 2012

A peek at the final slide for tonight's Refresh Boston event, where I'm presenting Getting Shit Done. I'll post the full screenshot after the event, assuming everything works.

Being wealthy

Being Wealthy

November 01, 2011

A quote from my Getting Shit Done presentation. "Being rich is having money. Being wealthy is having time." - Margaret Bonnano

Reduce your cognitive load

Reduce Your Cognitive Load

October 10, 2011

One of the slides from my presentation, Getting Shit Done. I found a nice combination of strong, loud League Gothic and the personal, handwritten feel of Prova. The entire slide deck can be seen on Speaker Deck.

Getting shit done

Getting Shit Done

October 04, 2011

A sneak peek at the presentation I gave at today's Geekend Roadshow in Boston, titled Getting Shit Done.