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August 21, 2016

I am back again with the much anticipated product that i have been a part of - QuickTech! Yes, a couple of years back I did some designs of QuickTech with its Founder, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be launched due to some serious bugs a...

Desktop app

QuickTech Desktop App

May 12, 2014

QuickTech desktop app and VNC Viewer...don't forget to see actual pixels as attached. feedback would be appreciated like always hehe :) Feel free to follow me on Twitter :P

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Manage products and receipt archive

Manage Products And Receipt Archive

April 08, 2014

manage products/services and receipt archive page... you guys can see all stuff as actual pixels as attached. feedback would be appreciated! Feel free to follow me on Twitter :P

Users and receivable payments

Users And Receivable Payments

April 07, 2014

well after finalizing the QuickTech logo i have started working on desktop app for mac/windows and also splash page so i decided to share few other screens/pages as well as on small screen experience 1366px for users page list/thumb both...



April 03, 2014

"KLR Note: sorry about yesterday to that users who already have seen this shot hehe :) just waiting for one more version of logo" so here is a client companies page with new guys can find out thumb/list view with basic modal ...

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March 26, 2014

Billable invoices page where you can see invoice by tickets and recurring invoices also user can use filter according date and i have improved right bar as logged in user would be able to access his/her personal info, team members whethe...


March 10, 2014

well last revision of tickets page which is that version i have worked on left and right bar and also changed types as well. you can find out few more scenarios in attachment as actual pixels. suggestions are welcome like al...

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My Tickets

March 03, 2014

well i have made few changes in QuickTech Tickets Page and removed bunch of clutter and improved some types and utilize white space so here is a final result. what do think guys about it? check out @2X or find out actual pixels as atta...