Alexandr Nohrin Xploro by Alexandr Nohrin

XPLORO - is a social geolocation marketing platform for business users 'merchants' to share their deals & for the users 'scouts' who want to explore proposals.

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Xploro icon concepts

November 03, 2013

Continue working on the Xploro app icon. Many thanks for your previous feedback guys!! It helped me a lot! So what concept do you think is better? :) a) New one. b) Added glass and distortion. c) Original.

Xploro Icon v2

October 31, 2013

Working on the icon for an upcoming app (Xploro). I tried to combine simple flat style + little 3d and soft shadows. How do you think guys?

'Scout' home screen

October 14, 2013

Work in progress... 'Scout' home screen ( UI design of XPLORO iOS app )

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May 22, 2013

Icon for an upcoming ios app.