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Rebound of @Anth's shot: "Rebound with one word that defines you!"

May 11, 2012

Perfect browser

The Perfect Browser - Community project

How would your perfect browser look like? I for example wouldn't need the back/forward/refresh buttons, as I always use the keyboard shortcuts. Also I would...

February 21, 2012

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Light button

Rebound of the light button shot by @Brad Birdsall

February 19, 2012

Windows 8

Windows 8 logo

My rebound of the Windows 8 redesigned logo.

February 19, 2012


Noergaard watch

This is actually an attempt to make the watch I am wearing most of my awake hours - Done in Photoshop with vector.

February 09, 2012

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Minimalistic clock

Minimalistic Clock

Hi @kevinandersson - Here is my shot for your clock project Name: Steffen Andersen Website: http://inze.it Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamsteffen Clock Nam...

February 09, 2012

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