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April 02, 2018

The best part of dribbble is checking your page, and this little fella is glowing <3 update

November 30, 2017

Just an idea for a cleaner version of the front page - Check out the attachment for a better view. Also, @Dribbble and @Dan Cederholm - I've attached the sketch-file for you guys. I assume this will then be live in no time, right? ;-) optimize  2

Playground [REBOUND]

November 09, 2017

A take on the Wix Playoff: Take the Playground - I did the basic animation in Principle and made a mess of it with After Effects

Share Your Workspace

April 06, 2017

@Paul Flavius Nechita made an interesting playoff, to get an insight of how you folks out there work - Well, here's mine. I use Sketch, Photoshop and Principle equally much. I sense I'm one of the few who actually like to use both Sketch...

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Shape of 2014?

November 18, 2013

My take on a potential shape of 2014 - What do you think?

What's next? [PLAYOFF]

November 18, 2013

What's going to be the shape of 2014? - Rebound this shot with your answer.

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Thank You All - Milestone reached

October 31, 2013

To show my appreciation to all of my wonderful followers, I have created a mosaic, including everybody I would like to thank, for making this milestone come true. Thank you so much everybody, I love you all ;-)

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Thank You

January 25, 2013

Dear @Dan & @Rich, thank you! As a graphics designer striving to always improve my skills and expertise, dribbble has helped me in ways I can’t even describe. The feedback from the community and the creativity from the players, has...