Pull to refresh concepts

December 30, 2016

Playing around with some fun ideas for a pull to refresh. Props to @Carly Shatzkin for the drawings / concepts, I just had the fun role of bringing them to life here with framer. Play with them here: https://framer.cloud/Jzalt/ ^ Best ...

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ClassPass 2.0 Prototype

October 05, 2016

We used framer to prototype a large section of our latest redesign, including tabs, the new home page with recommendations, filters, favorites, and more. You can play with the full prototype here This is probably the largest prototype ...


ClassPass Onboarding

June 09, 2016

We recently shipped a new onboarding experience for ClassPass members. By answering just four quick questions about what type of fitness activities they are interested in and when/where they like to work out, we can show great class reco...