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A great product that makes it easier for brands to take care of customer support via social media in real-time.

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User Engagement

January 14, 2015

More Data. More Charts. Some new additions for Airwoot's analytics.

Airwoot Analytics

August 15, 2014

We are working on taking the airwoot analytics to next level. Making stats & insights relevant to what user needs instead what data we have. Will publish full case-study once it goes live.

Airwoot gosf

GOSF quick report infographic

December 17, 2013

Worked upon a quick microsite for Airwoot's report on how different brands engaged on social media during the recent Indian Online shopping event - GOSF.



July 29, 2013

So when you do this, that happens. Part of a little walkthrough animation for an app's landing-page. These actually will be animated by CSS sprites with little activity, actions happening in each panel.


July 09, 2013

Part of a semi-infographical illustration for a current project. The illustrations flows from top to bottom in various panel explaining the product.

Activity Glyphs

May 15, 2013

Working on a set of glyphs for an activity stream. There will be three kind of activities. Action related - Which will have circle as base. User related - With the user glyph as base System related - Will have individual elements ( 6t...