October 06, 2014

Made new mixtapes & cover-arts this weekend. Little above one hour long playlist with few of my favorite shoegaze, dreampop artists. Because somedays, everything is better with more reverb. Listen here – somedays

Elements 02

August 25, 2013

Elements 02 was released sometime back. Listen/Download. Working on a redesign for the label website, need to push this music project more in coming few months.

Elements 2

Elements 02 - wip

May 05, 2013

Working on album art + poster prints for Elements 02 compilation. While last compilation was focused on ambient & post-rock music. This release has lot more strange experimental sounds. Still working on details and type. Probably g...

Even though we sleep

Even though we Sleep - Limited edition print

February 17, 2013

Just finished final proofing for this limited edition disc release by Ambient Electronic artist Stray Theories.. This artwork is an adaption of the original design that i did last year.

Untitled 1

Stars album art illustration

August 17, 2012

Work in progress cover art illustration for an EDM artist. Need to rework on shadows and type. 95% shapes and effects are vector since this has to go in print and needs to be resized for various purposes. Having a bit of trouble in mak...


Wildcity album art

July 09, 2012

Looks like its a season of making album covers. And, i don't mind. Did this cover for a feature i got at WildCity - A culture,music webmag. It's more of a mix-tape than a "mix" of few artists, sounds who have inspired me in past few year...


Tour Poster - WIP

August 14, 2011

Enjoying doing the details. Though now i think its time to stop and start removing elements which are killing the balance. Update : Here is full version