1. Website Details flat branding illustration handdrawn ui minimal website climate ecofriendly eco hosting featurelist features preview illustrations
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    Website Details
  2. Profile Page web branding app design website flat ui minimal video follow user profile page profile
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    Profile Page
  3. Course Header eAcademy progress learning course ui ux app videos elearning header website design
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    Course Header eAcademy
  4. Category Pages app ux web flat ui minimal website saas sidebar calendar features page features category
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    Category Pages
  5. Pricing Illustrations design corporate size pricing website vector ui app web flat minimal illustration
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    Pricing Illustrations
  6. Category Tile design app flat ui minimal website category follow tile list teaser video postition events
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    Category Tile
  7. Checkout for eAcademy icon website flat ux ui minimal web course app language checkout page course tile checkout
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    Checkout for eAcademy
  8. Header Illustrations Servivum ui branding illustration art website illustration illustrations procreate handdrawn web flat icon
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    Header Illustrations Servivum
  9. Tiles for several features tips collections groups tiles project coffee event video chellanges knowledge
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    Tiles for several features
  10. Statistics and Employee Management design ux ui app web saas minimal flat charts data graphs list dashboard statistics
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    Statistics and Employee Management
  11. Servivum Landingpage illustrator minimal ui branding website flat web domain handdrawn header hosting email rocket illustration
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    Servivum Landingpage
  12. FIle Safety branding app website web guard safety shield lock files folder safe vector flat illustration
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    FIle Safety
  13. Knowledge Area - Peeps app tiles files podcast sidebar dashboard collection library player platform video
    View Knowledge Area - Peeps
    Knowledge Area - Peeps
  14. Lohncheck UI minimal logo illustration art branding app web illustration flat ui website
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    Lohncheck UI
  15. Lohncheck Pro Landingpage ui web branding illustration flat minimal design website landingpage
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    Lohncheck Pro Landingpage
  16. Dashboard for Peeps homeoffice offsite remote saas app minimal ui ux organize groups events knowledge coffee challenges tiles dashboard
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    Dashboard for Peeps
  17. eAcademy dashboard simple website minimal branding app web ux ui dashboard elearning design
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    eAcademy dashboard
  18. Illustration Graphs illustration art illustrations procreate ui flat web illustration minimal website design
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    Illustration Graphs
  19. Header Illustration for Lohncheck procreate minimalist header branding web ui flat design website minimal illustration art illustration
    View Header Illustration for Lohncheck
    Header Illustration for Lohncheck
  20. Holiday Greetings typography logo holiday christmas lettering letter illustration art illustration
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    Holiday Greetings
  21. Playlist for Haufe eAcademy app website ux ui flat design video interface playlist
    View Playlist for Haufe eAcademy
    Playlist for Haufe eAcademy
  22. Course Overview for Haufe eAcademy design website web interface teaser overview tile ux ui minimal
    View Course Overview for Haufe eAcademy
    Course Overview for Haufe eAcademy
  23. Iconset for Haufe eAcademy
    View Iconset for Haufe eAcademy
    Iconset for Haufe eAcademy
  24. Design Animation for About Page tiles design animated animation illustration vector website minimal
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    Design Animation for About Page
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