Technically skilled and mature UX Designer offering strong experience in design new services and rebuild the old ones.
Strong focus on business needs and close collaboration with key stakeholders on customer side aiming to test my prototypes and address the business challenges with UX solutions in the best way possible.
Proven ability to convey UX Design ideas to Dev teams aiming to reach mutual agreement.

Proficient in:
- Product analyzing
- Working with user stories and building use cases
- Creating user workflow
- Designing high-level architecture & product concept
- Building high-fidelity prototype
- Testing prototypes, gathering users' feedback and applying it for product / UX improvement
- Managing visual design and front-end
- Collaborating with DEV teams

Genuine professional and personal interest to work on Software for Hardware interfaces, like Automotive control panels, Security drones tracking systems or Spaceship on-board control panel - with any interface to control real hardware devices.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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