1. Introducing Otto As Himself digital flat simple clean icon outlined outlines airplane movie film vector illustrator dribbbleweeklywarmup
    Introducing Otto As Himself
  2. Empathy typographic clean texture quote type manipulation manipulated type typography
  3. Bounce vector chicken digital grainy stuffed animal illustrator grain illustration
  4. Geometric Civic clean honda civic retro simple vector digital illustrator typography geometric type geometric dribbbleweeklywarmup
    Geometric Civic
  5. Cats! clean rough logo simple vector cat icon illustrator round soft friendly primary pastel illustration dribbbleweeklywarmup
  6. Eat-More Redesign experiment practice clean simple vector illustrator mock-up chocolate bar packaging redesign candy chocolate dribbbleweeklywarmup
    Eat-More Redesign
  7. Captain Chaos Card typography adobe illustrator design practice experiment business card cars 70s canonball run dribbbleweeklywarmup
    Captain Chaos Card
  8. Campbell River Sticker dribbbleweeklywarmup digital simple vector illustrator campbell river hometown two colors two color sticker weekly warm-up
    Campbell River Sticker
  9. Unused Blog Illustrations smartphone phone laptop lines sunset water summer simple clean adobe illustration vector technology internship blog post illustration
    Unused Blog Illustrations
  10. ZINC Gives Back Logo digital simple work communications identity pattern vector logo branding logo design
    ZINC Gives Back Logo
  11. meow. illustrator clean sketch curved stylized cat illustration cat digital illustration vector simple
  12. Skater Dude pastel drawing illustrator sketch simple colorful vector digital illustration
    Skater Dude
  13. Mock Madness Basketball dribbble ball typography vector simple gradient grain illustration basketball icon
    Mock Madness Basketball
  14. Just Something You Have To Carry light illustrator digital pastel pattern vector quote typography
    Just Something You Have To Carry
  15. Rad But Sad vector illustrator design typography t-shirt graphic sad rad vaporwave apparel retro graphic t-shirt design t-shirt
    Rad But Sad
  16. McDonald's vs. Burger King: Chicken Burger Grand Slam simple vector illustrator data burger chicken burger king mcdonalds fast food info design infographic design infographic
    McDonald's vs. Burger King: Chicken Burger Grand Slam
  17. Tetronomous design digital grainy grain tetris blocks isometric 3d vector 3d vector illustrator
  18. Abstract Coaster coaster gradient typography shapes abstract vector illustration
    Abstract Coaster
  19. Obsolete experimentation word as form word art illustrator vector overprinting negative space typography
  20. Rewind 📼 3-d physical shadows vhs tape vhs wood string art typography 3d
    Rewind 📼
  21. Nanaimo City Logo Concept modern city branding rough vector logo digital ideation logo concept concept illustrator
    Nanaimo City Logo Concept
  22. 2018 Year in Review simple bike landscape cat car vector illustrator digital illustration 2018
    2018 Year in Review
  23. Knot So pattern shapes simple retro experiment bauhaus anni albers vector illustrator
    Knot So
  24. New Year's Eve sketch rough pencil drawing pencil sketch art surreal pencil crayon pencil and paper drawing illustration
    New Year's Eve
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