1. Lightspeed Dashboard datepicker overview reports numbers statistics analytics leaderboard sidebar flat gauge graph dashboard
    Lightspeed Dashboard
  2. Lightspeed Sidebar 2.0 menu icons links dark flat navigation sidebar
    Lightspeed Sidebar 2.0
  3. Introducing Chalk news light dark github pages github development blog jekyll
    Introducing Chalk
  4. PREM2017 landing page congress flat slanted header home landing page
    PREM2017 landing page
  5. LocomotiveCMS sidebar revamp crop resize image links dark flat dashboard sidebar
    LocomotiveCMS sidebar revamp
  6. Kickster landing page github pages github circle ci simple kickster landing page deployment product page jekyll
    Kickster landing page
  7. MyERC Login page flat sign up sign in authentication forms two colors split register login
    MyERC Login page
  8. NephroFlow patient journal overview health medical flat items list sidebar heading filter journal dashboard
    NephroFlow patient journal overview
  9. LocomotiveCMS register page sign in authentication login ruby ruby on rails locomotive cms
    LocomotiveCMS register page
  10. Launched STACSS! product page framework css stacss
    Launched STACSS!
  11. Pech Guillou logo bnb hotel lines house logo
    Pech Guillou logo
  12. Sweeten general contractor search tools builders renovate search landing page sweeten
    Sweeten general contractor search
  13. Sweeten homepage urban simple renovation hero landing page homepage sweeten
    Sweeten homepage
  14. Typework website redesign website typework flat simple black and white landing portfolio team
    Typework website redesign
  15. Momently concept time tracking logging purple simple flat web app landing page launch momently
    Momently concept
  16. Intuo course detail overview elearning web design learn dashboard graph courses navigation hero image flat table of contents badges
    Intuo course detail overview
  17. Intuo tour popovers popover tour intuo elearning learn flat next previous web design
    Intuo tour popovers
  18. Intuo quizes learn web design quiz question anwers navigation table of contents badges progress
    Intuo quizes
  19. Intuo course card education course card courses call to action hero image avatar labels web design
    Intuo course card
  20. Traveled to Greece travel hero personal pictures flat simple
    Traveled to Greece
  21. Intuo dashboard web app flat simple learning graph cards navigation courses
    Intuo dashboard
  22. Kiddyclouds Manage Childeren avatars flat simple web application website webdesign off-canvas navigation childeren tabs cards
    Kiddyclouds Manage Childeren
  23. Kiddyclouds timeline web app kids simple flat webdesign timeline icons off canvas navigation hero avatar
    Kiddyclouds timeline
  24. Medvise landing page medical landingpage website hero flat simple call to action
    Medvise landing page
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