5 Shots

Yes no5

Yes-No 5

Based on the circle interface in "Choose a taste-mix".

December 01, 2012


Yes-No 4

I represented yes/no as continuous, not binary. somewhere in between comes "maybe", and so on. :) Maybe it's #4 but it's an old one I was keeping archived.

November 24, 2012

Yes no device

Yes-No 3

Inspired by @MVBen 's beautiful icon, I created one more yes/no shot. This one contains a question which is actually a logical paradox, particularly a varian...

November 08, 2012

Yes no wheel    2

Yes or No? v.2

A physical interface which allows you to navigate with your finger on the notch and confirm your selection by clicking in the middle. If you have any ideas ...

August 01, 2012

Yes no

Yes or No?

July 23, 2012