Nomads Dating App UI (Concept)

December 12, 2017

Hi Guys, I had fun creating this fun freebie in sketch. It's a dating app ui concept. Feel free to Download the file and play around. — Also don’t forget to follow and stay updated for more shots. Dribbble / Instagram

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Movie Poll Concept Free PSD

December 03, 2015

I was working on this to just kill off some spare time. Do let me know what you guys think and yeah here’s the psd for you guys to play around with. I’d love to see what you guys create :) Grab the psd here-

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Free Website PSD

August 05, 2015

I was working on this one to kill some of my free time today. Feel free to grab the PSD :) P.S. It's personal use only, no reselling! P.S. Sorry I have decided to remove the psd now, I am going to update it and release a different ver...

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Free PSD Login Form

June 30, 2015

@Paul Flavius Nechita Here's my take on the challenge ;)

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Free landing page design

June 23, 2015

Something that I worked on a while back, ended up not using it. So, thought of giving it to the community :) Hope it's of use to you guys. P.S: If you noticed the cloud then you're awesome :D

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Free Pricing Table

August 20, 2014

I was playing around with one of my old pricing table design, here's what it's turned out to look like. You can grab the free psd if you like :) Press 'L' for magic as always :D

Utilizing some free time

January 14, 2014

Here's a freebie again for an iOS app. Please feel free to grab the PSD or let me know your comments and suggestions. As a side note, I'm available for hire, so if you like my work, email me. I'm excited for what's ahead :)

Free psd templates

August 27, 2013

Here's the two versions of design that I did for one of my client. Unfortunately, he never responded back so I'm giving the both versions as a freebie..It can especially be useful for event listings and directory pages. P.S. Feel free ...