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  1. 2 Nov Pro
    Nathan Trafford
    Commented on Knife Ambigram // Details

    i dunno, that looks about as lean as you can get without sacrificing curve consistency. nice job!

  2. 22 Oct Pro
    Nathan Trafford
    Commented on ESL lacrosse training facility system

    why is it dying??

  3. 14 Oct Pro
    Nathan Trafford
    Commented on Crown Town is loud now!

    just my 2 cents: i think you could maybe go a little simpler with this. The bottom half just seems to be forced.

    I don't think you need the banner, as anyone who gets the shirt will know that it's a KC thing.

    I think there's also an opportunity to utilize the O in 'Crown' instead of the one in "town" to make the crown face. The one above is so nice and centered and you can just see a crown sitting nicely on top of it. Then the word underneath could be just normal letters and would feel a lot more symmetrical and married to the word above.

    Anyway, just my thoughts :)

    The fact that I'm an Astros fan does not mean i'm trying to sabotage you ;)