Branded Carabiner

September 14, 2017

Working on some branded apparel and supplies for Anderton Outdoor Apparel. Looking to get similar carabiners engraved with the new logo. Thoughts or ideas? Press L to show me some love.

Anderton Apparel Shopping Experience

September 12, 2017

Working through this shopping experience for the new Anderton Apparel website.

Anderton Apparel Boot Packaging Design

September 05, 2017

Product packaging that I'm working on for Anderton Apparel and their line of hiking boots and shoes. Press L to show me some love :)


Animated Mouse overs for Outdoor website

August 29, 2017

Working on the animation for the mouse-over affects for the outdoor apparel website I'm building. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

Outdoor Apparel Home

August 28, 2017

Getting a head start on a new outdoor apparel company website that I'm doing. Branding and logo are still a work in progress, but I had some ideas for the website I wanted to go ahead and get laid out. Press L to show me some love.